Idealist disruptors

Solving complex challenges

Here is how we like to work: in a flat, friendly and dynamic environment, we are committed and we move forward collectively. Idealists and disruptors, but were main humble and hungry for progress. We love working on complex problems and challenges, that align with building the future of finance

At GHCO we believe in a flat structure that favours transparency, opportunities and growth.

Open Positions

Software Engineer

You will be responsible for the implementation, operation, and maintenance of our trading systems. You will get involved in the trading and strategy development as well as improving our newly-built applications, thinking deeply about user and market interactions.

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In their own words



Our company is now an equal mix of professional traders and technology, brought together by a collective mission to:

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Your profile will be reviewed by the team
Introductory call to make sure your aspirations fit with the role
If you are applying for a technical role, you will be asked to complete a task at home
Call (or face-to-face) with the head of the team and 2-3 people from the team, including someone from another team. This is where you will tell us about your journey, your achievements and your passions. For technical roles, you should expect a few brainteasers and we will work with you on a small project to showcase your skills. Software engineers will do a pair coding exercise.
Call with management. Now this is the time for them to go deeper into the vision and the mission of GHCO.

Our different roles explained

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Development roles are at the heart of GHCO – more than half of our company writes code on a daily basis. As a financial technology company, we continuously think and re-think our tech infrastructure. We encourage all of our team members to take part in building our systems and in bringing new ideas. You will get the freedom to create and to apply the most cutting-edge technologies in order to keep us at the forefront of market making. Are you up for the challenge?

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Quantitative Trading

Our traders are extremely reactive and thrive in both fast-paced and complex environments. They analyse tremendous amounts of data on a daily basis to set up quoting and hedging strategies. They also constantly question the status quo: why are we pricing like this? Can we be more efficient? The trading roles at GHCO do not stand alone, there is a permanent dialogue with development and operations to reach maximum efficiency, maximum capital allocation, with minimum risk.

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Our operations team regroups multiple functions: Middle & Back Office, Finance & Accounting, Compliance, HR and more! These responsibilities are essential to a smooth running of the company. From onboarding new ETF providers, new partners or new team members, to timely trade settlement and mitigating all sorts of technical or legal risks, to making sure GHCO upholds the highest standards, our operations team is key to our success.


What our GHCO team finds most valuable is the opportunity to work with other really smart people, on really engaging challenges and in the service of something meaningful.


We always welcome new ideas, new ETF providers, new partners. If you would like to become a part of the team, please check our careers page and get in touch.

Reach out and let’s start making a difference.

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